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Advanced Technology Leading the Future of Enterprise

Cooperated with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ATI engaged in the research of new materials and new techniques such as advanced heating technologies, heating alloys and high-performance materials. To research deep-level heating mechanism, combine computer analysis and adjust thermal field distribution to optimize the products continually, Sixhill has already laid a solid foundation for heated tobacco product research and brand building.

PhD Innovation Practice

FirstUnion (Sixhill parent company), which has been recognized by Shenzhen government as "PhD Innovation and Practice Base" in industry. FirstUnion has 450 Engineers in R&D, 27 experts have PhD Degree, more than 80% have master degree.

Patents Protections (2000+pieces)

FristUnion owns more than 2000 patents in different countries, there are 161 patents for Sixhill heated tobacco, involve in various fields such as resistance heating technology, induction heating technology, non-contact heating technology and accessories…

  • CGMP Dust-free Workshop

  • CNAS Laboratory

  • CNAS Laboratory

  • QC080000

  • UL WTDP Laboratory

Automatic Production

Sixhill owns capabilities of independent R&D, also produce automatic equipment which customizes for our OEM/ODM clients. We constantly update technology according to manufacture, production and product characteristics, which greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor costs for our customers.

Advanced Laboratory

Our group laboratory owns many professionals and advanced testing equipments, which has formed a complete and effective laboratory quality management sys tem of ISO/IEC17025. Sixhill also established a national recognized CNAS lab, which had a great contribution to complete industry standards and technical specifications. Meanwhile, we have awarded the Engineering Technology Center (R&D Center) and Informatization and Automation Model Enterprise of Guangdong Province.

Your Reliable Cooperation Partner

Our group has established long-term strategic partnerships with international tobacco companies, include Altria Group, British America Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco…Until now, Sixhill has participated in more than 200 heated tobacco projects with tobacco companies, Sixhill is dedicated to be your ideal heated tobacco solution expert.