This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids. You must be at least 21 years old to Browse this website.

About HNB

Get To Know HNB

  • 1. What is a heat-not-burn product?

    Heat-not-burn (HNB) products or Heated Tobacco products (HTP) are designed heating system for tobacco or non-tobacco sticks, instead of burning, there is no combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. This generates a flavorful vapor, containing nicotine or not, using tobacco sheet, herbal sheet or herbal starch granule. HNB products mimic the behavior of smoking conventional cigarettes, user insert the designated stick into the heating device, such as Sixhill device, press the button to pre-heat the stick and then start to inhale.

  • 2. How do HNB products work?

    In order to produce the nicotine-infused vapor, HNB products heat tobacco up to 300°C + (lower than 600°C as in conventional cigarettes) using battery-powered heating-systems. The heating-system enclosed in a device, can be an external heat source to aerosolize nicotine from specially designed cigarettes (ex. iQOS and Glo), or a heated sealed chamber to aerosolize nicotine directly from tobacco leaf (ex. Ploom and Pax).
    The heating device requires charging and the user draws on the mouthpiece at intervals to inhale volumes of the aerosol through the mouth, which is then taken into the body.

  • 3. Are HNB product less harmful than conventional cigarettes

    Currently, there is no evidence to demonstrate that HNB tobacco products are less harmful than conventional tobacco products. Some tobacco industry-funded studies have claimed that there are significant reductions in the formation of and exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents relative to standard cigarettes. And FDA authorized PMI’s electronically heated tobacco system, IQOS, as a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP) by issuing exposure modification orders by July,7,2020. Reasons for authorization that heated tobacco significantly reduces the production of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals, and scientific studies have shown that switching completely from conventional cigarettes to the this heated tobacco system significantly reduces your body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.
    However, there is currently no evidence to suggest that reduced exposure to these chemicals translates to reduced risk in humans. Therefore, additional independent studies will be required to substantiate claims of reduced risk/harm.

  • 4. Are HNBs tobacco products electronic-cigarettes?

    No, HNB tobacco products are not e-cigarettes. HNB tobacco products heat tobacco to generate nicotine and some other substances. E-cigarettes heat e-liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine and in most cases do not contain tobacco.

  • 5. Are HNB tobacco products safe for second-hand exposure?

    Currently, there is also insufficient evidence on the potential effects of second-hand emissions produced by HNB tobacco products. Due to the way of heating instead of burning, there is no combustion, fire, ash, or smoke, which are some significant harmful chemicals.
    If you’ve never used tobacco products, including heated tobacco products, we highly suggest don’t start.

  • 6. What kinds of stick can be used on the HNB device?

    The designated stick for the HNB device, contain of tobacco or other botanic compound such as tea, herbal substance can be used on the HNB device. Depends on the way of heating, central or all-round, the size and length are fit for different device.