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Resistance Ceramic heating technology heating pin

Resistance ceramic heating element is suitable for short and thick sticks, using an electronic heat-control system to heat the center of the stick within a specific temperature range, easy to get the tobacco pure taste and prevent it from burning. The built-in overheating protection system and temperature detection function can ensure the temperature stability to guarantee the temperature is under control in use.

Innovative Electromagnetic Induction Heating Technology

From 2015, our group started to research on electromagnetic induction technology. Through more than 8000 times internal, external and life span tests, our products have achieved stable temperature control and continuous mass production. Electromagnetic induction heater can shorten the heating time to 3s, reach one third heating time of conventional central heating method. Less reheating time and high efficiency heating with metal material, less fluctuation and more precise in temperature provide you more sustainable, smoother and accurate user experience.