Nise and Usonic, The New Sensation of Elegant Tobacco Heaters

27 Mar 2024 - NISE and Usonic provide a new experience and sensation as elegant tobacco heating products. The development and innovation of e-cigarettes is a sexy area that is in demand by several pioneers and manufacturers, such as what the Sixhill brand has done recently. The international brand from China offers Heat Not Burn (HNB) tobacco derivative products called NISE and Usonic, which are practical and guarantee quality raw materials.

Each NISE stick is Sixhill's best tobacco choice. The tobacco mixture is carefully selected, finely ground, and specially prepared. It comes from a plant recognized as one of the world's highest-quality tobacco plantations. Sixhill ensures strictly the highest standards of leaf quality. Not only that, the protective paper wrap that Sixhill uses makes you feel cleaner and more comfortable after use.

With cooling plugs made of cellulose acetate, this product provides the best cooling efficiency. Based on the release received by, NISE's Air Flow Chamber technology can intelligently measure the right amount of aerosol passing through the entire stick for satisfactory results. NISE is initiated with options tailored to the needs of its users.

It's not just the availability of colors and flavors, but the difference in the intensity of the taste and aroma experience in each option you choose. The interesting choices include the taste sensations of roasted tobacco, strong mint, light mint, balanced tobacco taste, blueberry, and light clove. Unlike NISE, Usonic puts forward a smoking experience with a new atmosphere without leaving the familiar style of conventional cigarettes.

Usonic adopts 3D spiral heaters that have a larger heat source so as to deliver more heat to tobacco. This innovative and advanced electric resistance heating technology can be enjoyed without the need to lose the essence of smoking and, of course, with lower health risks.

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