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Sixhill Problem Solutions

  • Q: 1. What kind of stick is compatible with Yan 2/Yan 3?
    A: Designated heat-not-burn stick with dimension of 7.5mm x 45mm is compatible with Yan 2/ Yan 3.
  • Q: 2. When do I need to clean the device?
    A: We suggest:
    a. When you found some ash pasted on the heating part.
    b. When you found the smoke is obviously getting less than usual or the drawing of stick becoming harder.
    c. Clean the device thoroughly after you finished one pack of sticks (20pcs).
  • Q: 3. How to clean my device?
    A: Make sure you do the cleaning when the heating part is cooling down and the light turns off.
    a. Regularly clean your device by using the brush inside the package, gently put the brush into the holder and twist it several times.
    b. You can overall clean the device in every pack. Brush the holder and use the ethanol stick to gently clean the heating part to remove the tobacco residue from the insider holder and the heating part.
  • Q: 4. Can I use alcohol to clean my device?
    A: You can gently wipe the outside of the device/ the holder/ the heating part(after it is cooling down)with a handkerchief immersed in an alcoholic solution.
    The device isn’t designed to be waterproofed, please don’t wash the device with any liquid.
  • Q: 5. When do I need to charge my device?
    A: a. If the device is not used for a long time, please charge the battery before use.
    b. Press the button and the indicator light flashes 3 times red light, please charge the battery.
    c. If the indicator light shows red when you press the button, the battery is low and remind you to charge the battery.
  • Q: 6. If the blade/Pin inside was broke up or out of shape, can I fix it?
    A: We are not suggesting you to fix it by yourself. Please send the device to the store where you bought it and seek their advice.
  • Q: 7. If the device could not heat, what should I do?
    A: a. In case of heating failure, please check whether the device’s battery is exhausted.
    b. If the indicator light flashes in a unusual way, please check with the user manual or the vendor you bought.
  • Q: 8. Does Yan2/Yan3 work with conventional cigarettes?
    A: No. Yan2/Yan3 is designed to be used with heat-not-burn tobacco/herbal sticks only.