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Cooperated with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ATI engaged in the research of new materials and new techniques such as advanced heating technologies, heating alloys and high-performance materials. To research deep-level heating mechanism, combine computer analysis and adjust thermal field distribution to optimize the products continually, Sixhill has already laid a solid foundation for heated tobacco product research and brand building.

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About Sixhill

Sixhill, a new brand of a Heat-Not-Burn System, cultivated from the rich soil of China First Union, established in 2004, which is one of the biggest and earliest one stand –solution e-cig suppliers in the world.Though the brand just debut to the public, the investment of this project is up to billions RMB since 2014, and has built up cooperation of tobacco heating devices,with Giant Tobacco companies such as BAT,JTI, as well as most of the China local tobacco branches.Besides the high level of supply chain and manufacture capacity(5 factories, 1 headquarter, 1 advanced technology institute with overall 100,000 m² area), R&D also achieved great improvement on the independent developed heating system technology,including conductive heating, induction heating, infrared heating technology. Sixhill is ready to bring you the cutting-edge Heat-Not-Burn devices!

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